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The history of the museum

An unexpected encounter


The MOAP is the result of a meeting between Jean-Pierre Joho, a passionate for antique tools and André Abbé, President of the Société du Village de Pinsec, proud of the heritage of his village. The first one, a great collector, gathers, through decades, an important number of objects resulting from the peasantry, the trades of wood and the regional craft industry. Axes of the forester – woodcutter, tools of the carpenter – cabinetmaker, or tools forged from a file. Jean-Pierre was only looking for the ideal place to exhibit his collection and perpetuate a heritage that was in danger of disappearing.

« It was the last moment to save and keep this collection alive, before the knowledge surrounding these objects was lost with the generations. »

Jean-Pierre, who had never been to Pinsec before, fell in love with this mountain village, considered to be one of the most typical in the Valais Alps.


One of the most typical villages in the Valais

Perched at an altitude of over 1290 m, it is considered to be one of the most typical villages in the Valais Alps. Indeed, this village is protected and cannot be subject to new constructions. Only renovations are possible, which has allowed it to retain its authenticity and charm of yesteryear. It is also remarkable for its location in the north-western part of the Val d’Anniviers, set on a steeply sloping moraine. The MOAP joins the 17 other places of visit within the village.


Its creators

A dream becomes true


First of all, Jean-Pierre Joho, a passionate collector of antique objects, has left 500 tools to bring back to life the daily life of the craftsmen in the old days. For three and a half years, he set up this project with the aim of passing on the spirit of yesteryear to future generations.

André Abbé, President of the Pinsec village society for more than 20 years, made this dream come true. Thanks to its three floor grain barn, the exhibition of old tools was able to take shape.